Monday, 15 September 2014

Keepin’ it Local

Muttonhead has recently made its way on to Viens Avec Moi’s shelves in our well-curated men’s corner. Starting from the ground up in 2009, their business model is to stick to high quality fabrics and even higher manufacturing standards.

Already a favourite, this slow goods brand stocked our shelves with logo T’s and adventure ready threads. Not only are these pieces classic but they are also unisex. Slim cut dress shirts typically have sportswear inspired features such as the use of twill or hemp. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

NYFW /14 Snaps from the Street


New York fashion week is in full swing right now and that only means one thing. People from everywhere not only tune into the shows and but also look to the street to see who is wearing what. This year the combination of high and low pieces is still en vogue and everyone is free to display their own take on the present trends. Easy menswear is paired with gauzy skirts and denim is seen with feminine blouses. Layering is still everywhere on the concrete runway. These sun filled snapshots courtesy of Vogue & Highsnobiety leave us inspired to dive into the season, especially with our recent arrivals. 

See you soon,


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fall Flux

Change is a major part of our lives especially when it comes to seasons. Here at Viens avec Moi we believe change is a good thing. For Fall 2014 there has been some new additions to our well curated selection of goods. Tiger of Sweden is a hundred-year-old fashion house that has taken on the task of reinvention many times. They focus on well-cut basics and menswear inspired trousers which are key trends for the season.  Known for its Scandinavian minimalist take on fashion, Tiger of Sweden reintroduced the business suit into more of a casual street wear uniform .

A reoccurring favourite at the boutique bringing in silk blouses and oversized trapeze coats is Filippa K.  The streamline brand played with proportions this season all the while tapping into a dark classic colour pallet. Also a contender for minimal dressing, fall brought us classic long sleeve dresses, mohair cardigans and sheer blouses.


Embracing both weather and wardrobe changes, our newest additions will have you heavily inspired for fall dressing.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Harvey & Vern's, meet VAM

It comes as no surprise that when word spread that Ottawa brewery Kichesippi Beer Co. was launching a line of olde fashioned all natural sodas, we got a little - okay, maybe really - excited.

For this particular line of sodas, Kichesippi went with a more health conscious approach, using real cane sugar as a sweetener as opposed to corn syrup. With Harvey and Vern's Olde Fashioned Soda line gaining some traction, being sold in over 100 different locations across the city, we decided to get in on the fun!

For the whole month of August join us every Sunday as we serve refreshingly chilled Harvey and Vern's sodas (free of charge)! A fun way to get with your friends, drink some all natural (guilt free!) soda while you shop until you drop!

You're welcome - VAM xx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Creme de la Creme

While a healthy and glowing complexion has as much to do with what you put in your body, there's nothing like some all-natural paraben-free products to put on your body to help with the process. 

Here at VAM, we've started carrying Archipelago Botanicals, a line of fragrant and gentle skin products made from all natural ingredients and filled with antioxidants to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. 

In the shop we have a selection of hand creams, (Coconut, Oat Milk and Soy - $18) perfect to keep in your bag to battle dry hands when the AC in the office is a bit too much. We are also carrying the scrubs, to exfoliate and keep your skin glowing (Oat sugar scrub, Soy sugar scrub - $19). To top it all off we have two variations of the body butter, that OK! Magazine called a "milkshake for your legs!" (Oat and Soy - $19)

So come in and try some Archipelago Botanicals, your skin will thank you.